American Dreams Album

American Dreams Album

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Every song tells a story...

Hemisphere draws on Rock, Pop, Jazz, Fusion and Metal to create inspired mash-ups that blend influences from multiple genres. 
Promoting the spirit of ‘Unity’, ‘Diversity’, and ‘Equality’ Hemisphere takes you on a musical and visual journey.

American Dreams showcases vocals from Don Bowman, Rebecca Jade, Leonard Patton and Rob Shinno... so get ready to 'Move to the Music'!

The band features Don Bowman on Vocals and Sax, Mike McQuilken on Drums, Nathan Brown  on Bass and Max Zape on Keys and Rob Shinno on Guitar and Vocorder. 

Special guests include Tommy Aros (Grammy Winner - Fattburger), backing vocals from Rebecca Jade (2020 SDMA Artist of the Year), Leonard Patton as well as trumpeter Derek Cannon and a ripping guitar solo from Zangi Recording Artist Patrick Yandall.

The CD includes a 16 page color collectors pamphlet with song lyrics and artwork.

  • America 
  • Dance Club 
  • Big World 
  • Transmission 
  • Home 
  • Where Do We Go Now 
  • Letter from NYC to SF 
  • One Life 
  • These Are the Days
  • Sky Full of Stars
  • America Reprise